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“Featured Project”


This is our first of many “Featured Project” stories that we will be putting up so you can see not only the type of work we are capable of producing but also the way we go about looking after our client requirements along the way.

As you would know the world of communication is always moving at a rapid pace and issues arise throughout any project that can jeopardise a successful campaign. We need to work closely with our clients and be ready for the unexpected, so production scheduling can be altered and re-altered to suit the new requirements.

Artwork changes, quantity changes and a plethora of other specification changes are more common than you think. We pride ourselves, with the help of many years’ experience working in the industry, to adapt our processes to meet the demands placed on us throughout the course of the production process.
I do remember a job that we produced that was booked in, the artwork was received when indicated, the proofs were approved when we needed and delivery details remained as given….actually, I don’t remember. It doesn’t happen.

So, our first featured project is:

Finance Company Collateral

A regular client of IntoPrint contacted us to help them with the print production of a large mail out that they needed to meet client expectations.
The scope of work was extensive and the deadline was short….standard!

Specifications started with one kind of 139,000 52pp self-cover DL booklets, 139,000 12pp DL brochures & 139,000 A4 letterheads. All printed 4 process colours on uncoated stock.

The deadline from the time of receiving artwork to needing to feed the mailhouse a start up supply to get their processes under way was 3 days with the total delivery required within 7 working days. Tight but achievable.

Once orders & artwork were received and stocks ordered there was a phone call to indicate there were actually 2 kinds. Quantities weren’t effected so no real drama, carry on with the plan. Requote and proof out the new kinds for approval.

….another call to indicate the 12pp was actually now only a 4pp…requote done, carry on.

Printing begins on the first version.

… another call comes in to indicate the second version had increased by 30,000. So, that is an extra 30,000 52pp booklets, 30,000 4pp DL’s and 30,000 letterheads… change to the deadline…..O.K. Better make some alterations to shifts.

…..As directors of the company we are fully involved with the day to day operations within the production facility. All three of us are also tradesmen and are able to jump into production to assist when needed…this is one of those times.

Directors Tony Perini and Michael Maloney work late night and early mornings to assist the two shifts in the press room to ensure work is flowing into the bindery enabling deadlines to be met.

I decide my time is best spent managing the job….I don’t like early morning starts!

After just one day in production a part order of letterheads are completed and delivered to the mailhouse to get them rolling out their processes. The next day the first of the 52pp booklets are sent with the 4pp to follow.

Quantities of each item are packed, wrapped and delivered each morning and afternoon to keep the production flow of the job moving without any delays.
In the end the deadlines were met and all alterations to the project were handled without a hitch.

These changes can be the undoing of many companies as they are far too process driven. We believe in our abilities to service our clients requirements at all times. We operate at a fast pace and we adapt when the goal posts are moved. We have the technology, experience and expertise to assist you with your project, no matter what that might be.

Contact IntoPrint to discuss your next project. You’ll find the details on the contact page.  

Grant Regan
Sales Director